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Benefits include: Medical, Finance, Education, Health, Insurance, Travel and Entertainment Rewards for SATAWU Members

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Whether you fancy  a trip away, or a discount on shopping. Our program has opened up the doors for all to access special packages.

Our members enjoy free education programs for their whole family, discounted shopping and a medical support team to assist you with any health related matters.

All FREE to members in Good standing.


Access for the whole family to a library of information and courses


Our online SATAWU shop has thousands of products exclusive to SATAWU members.

live Member chat

All members have access to LIVE CHAT on our website, facebook and whatsapp.


Through Atlas Finance members have access to loans at preferential rates, T&C's apply.


A Medical support team is available to assist all members with health related matters

Premier Products

A exclusive range of packages that members can access by INVITE only, members who qualify will be notified.

Member reviews

The program is so easy too use and the support team and live chat makes getting anything done so simple. Amandla Satawu, Amandla....
Jenny Jacobs
Member EC
The Medical assistance has helped me and my family alot..and saved my alot of money on doctors visit's. I look forward to more exciiting developments in the program.
Thabo Xisimi
Member KZN
I have saved thousands of rands on expenss such as doctors and shopping with my rewards card...Im so excited about where we are going....
Mike Stuart
Member GP

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