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Activate Funeral cover Here

Free Funeral cover is only available to SATAWU members, staff, and their families once he/she has completed the funeral cover survey which evaluates the member. In the case that the survey has a negative outcome, NO funeral cover will be granted to the respective member.

Based on the outcome of the Funeral cover survey, you will have the value of the cover that was offered to you by email after completing the survey. To activate the immediate cover, please follow the simples steps below:

In Case you missed it!! – CLICK HERE TO Complete Funeral Cover Survey

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New Card Mobile Registration Process

These are the simple steps to follow to activate your SATAWU Rewards bank membership account and receive your card and benefits

Step 1: download the Ezaga Mobile app from the Google Playstore

Click here to download the app – CLICK HERE FOR EZAGA APP

See Picture: Google Playstore Ezaga Bank App

Step 2: Sign up for a free account

Step 3: choose the type of account you want to attach your membership card to attach ( mobile or eezi account)

Step 4: Read the Terms and conditions and accept once done

Step 5: Fill out your basic information, on the sign-up form

Step 6: VERY IMPORTANT to Choose ” Satawu JP” when confirming a Referral,


if an agent/consultant helped you register, please select OTHER and fill in the agent/consultant’s name in the space provided..

Step 7: You will receive a SMS to your mobile device confirming your activation along with your new account number.

Step 8: Transfer R50 into your new account to activate all your account and all services.

Congratulations Your account is activated and your New Bank union Mastercard is on its way to you. within 48hours via our couriers and we will make contact with you to ensure everything is covered.