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The complete Rewards Points Guide continued

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The complete Rewards Points Guide

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In the article you will discover the following:

  • What are Rewards Points?
  • What is the value of a point
  • How to Earn points
  • What can you buy with your points?
  • Can you track your points?
  • Pro Tips: to get more tips

1: What are Rewards points

Rewards Points are given to Registered Users of the SATAWU Rewards program. The points are allocated depending on the type of actions/ engagements performed.

Rewards points can be used for discounts, additional entries into giveaways and raffle tickets as well redemption of exclusive Points only products and services.

2: What is the value of a point?

100 points = R1

3: How to earn points?

There are a number of way of earning points they include the following:

  • Sign up Points = 500 points

  • Referral Points = 250 points

  • New membership bank card activation points =1000 points

  • Social Media Points for following and subscribing to Social media pages = 200 points

  • Youtube subscription points = 200 points per channel subscribed too

  • Facebook Post share points = 100 points per share

  • Raffle entry points = 50 points per raffle ticket

  • Survey completion points = 500 points per survey completed

  • Shopping points for purchasing at participating vendors/partners – 300 points

Log In to Find out what the below Badges look like:

  • Daily login points – get points for going online to = 50 points
  • Shopping Points for purchase on the SATAWU Rewards marketplace = 300 points per cart purchase.
  • Get 600 points for every purchase over R500 on the online marketplace and orders placed through the SATAWU Rewards customer support.
  • Main Bank profile – 2000 points when you main bank with your new membership bank card.

4: What can you buy with your points?

  • Use points to discount online purchases in the marketplace store
  • Gain additional tickets into a raffle and monthly giveaways with points
  • VIP points only offers, including 50% cash discount items, Points VIP only offers from Leading global brands.
  • VIP offers club access for members with over 5000 points, including cashback and prizes.
  • R5000 worth of shopping coupons for participating members with over 500 points.
  • Complimentary ad-hoc prizes for receiving points

Click here to buy points

5:Can I track my points?

Yes, it is very simple to track your points, just go to your account, find your Shopping and rewards dashboard or click on the button that says points information here.

Once on the Points page, you can view your Points log on the View Points log link( in red writing) on the top right of the dashboard. Just click on the link for a detailed report.

6: Pro Tips – how to get more points?

Pro tips are only sent to registered users in their welcome pack and communication sequence, if youu do not know the pro tips, click here to register and we will send you those tips.

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Who can become a UNION member?

Our Sectors

  • EVERYONE  in Transport – Land, Air & Sea
  •                 Cleaning
  •                  Security
  •                Taxi Industry
  • Funeral Undertaker Employees

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What are the recruitment incentive and Awards

1. Monthly Giveaways for top performing locals, provinces and individuals

2. All members are automatically put into the SATAWU Rewards prizes draw, with 100’s of prizes to be given away every month.

3. An Annual Awards ceremony to congratulate the top performers in the various fields


What are the Additional services available for SATAWU members?

1. Funeral Cover up to R20 000 and support services

2. Comprehensive Legal support, including specialized services

3. Education support from Grade 1 -12. Our program includes

    • Summarised textbooks
    • Speech assistance
    • Project assistance
    • Subject matter tutorials
    • Tutors

4. Shopping Discounts

  • Everyday coupon discounts from Checkers and Boxer Stores
  • Over 20 Online store discounts partners with 1000’s of products
  • Access to The SATAWU online Store, which stocks 100’s of brands
  • Ranging from clothing, furniture,home appliances and much more.

What FREE SERVICES do SATAWU members enjoy?

1. 24hr, 365 days a year health help line for all personal and family health needs

2. Discounted Airtime and Data on EVERY purchase

3. VIP access to micro loans and debt repayment plans through our finance partner Atlas Finance


Benefits of Joining SATAWU

1. The benefit of being part of an organised group who pull together around workplace

2. SATAWU stand to get better protection from unfair treatment and victimisation and increased job security

3. SATAWU have a benefit of skilled negotiators and trained labour specialists who will strive to get the best possible deal for workers in their workplaces

4. Topics ranging from paid maternity leave to salary increases to safety in the workplace are all dealt with as a group

5. SATAWU will accompany you to a disciplinary hearing and represent you if you’re in dispute with your employers


Who can Join SATAWU?

In South Africa, according to Section 23: Labour Relations in the Constitution, Every Worker has the right to join a trade union. All employees including Management who are not involved in hiring and firing Can become Union members.

The only limitation for a manager joining is That they cannot stand for  Shop steward elections . 


The specific labour laws regarding trade unions are:

1. Every worker has the right to form and join a trade union and to participate in the union’s activities

2. Every worker has the right to strike

3. Every employer has the right to form and join an employers’ organisation and to participate in the activities of the organisation

4. Every trade union, employers’ organisation and employer has the right to engage in collective bargaining

5.  Everyone has the right to fair labour practices



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