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The complete Rewards Points Guide

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In the article you will discover the following:

  • What are Rewards Points?
  • What is the value of a point
  • How to Earn points
  • What can you buy with your points?
  • Can you track your points?
  • Pro Tips: to get more tips

1: What are Rewards points

Rewards Points are given to Registered Users of the SATAWU Rewards program. The points are allocated depending on the type of actions/ engagements performed.

Rewards points can be used for discounts, additional entries into giveaways and raffle tickets as well redemption of exclusive Points only products and services.

2: What is the value of a point?

100 points = R1

3: How to earn points?

There are a number of way of earning points they include the following:

  • Sign up Points = 50 points
  • Referral Points = 25 points
  • New membership bank card activation points =100 points
  • Social Media Points for following and subscribing to Social media pages = 20 points
  • Youtube subscription points = 20 points per channel subscribed too
  • Facebook Post share points = 20 points per share
  • Raffle entry points = 5 points per raffle ticket
  • Survey completion points = 50 points per survey completed
  • Shopping points for purchasing at participating vendors/partners – 30 points
  • Daily login points – get points for going online to = 10 points
  • Shopping Points for purchase on the SATAWU Rewards marketplace = 20 points per product purchased.
  • Get 500 points for every purchase over R500 on the online marketplace and orders placed through the SATAWU Rewards customer support.
  • Main Bank profile – 1000 points when you main bank with your new membership bank card.

4: What can you buy with your points?

  • Use points to discount online purchases in the marketplace store
  • Gain additional tickets into a raffle and monthly giveaways with points
  • VIP points only offers, including 50% cash discount items, Points VIP only offers from Leading global brands.
  • VIP offers club access for members with over 5000 points, including cashback and prizes.
  • R5000 worth of shopping coupons for participating members with over 500 points.
  • Complimentary ad-hoc prizes for receiving points

5:Can I track my points?

Yes, it is very simple to track your points, just go to your account, find your Shopping and rewards dashboard or click on the button that says points information here.

Once on the Points page, you can view your Points log on the View Points log link( in red writing) on the top right of the dashboard. Just click on the link for a detailed report.

6: Pro Tips – how to get more points?

Pro tips are only sent to registered users in their welcome pack and communication sequence, if youu do not know the pro tips, click here to register and we will send you those tips.

Click here to complete the registration and sign up now

Helpful resources registration information Vendor registration

Vendor Register/sign up process

To register or sign up for a SATAWU Rewards Vendor profile and unlock access to all your benefits and direct customers follow the simple steps below. The sign-up takes under 2 minutes to complete.

You will discover the following with this article:

  • How to register and edit your vendor profile
  • Understanding the store layout
  • How Rewards points work and where to see Rewards log
  • How to earn more points and what you can do with them
  • Pro Tips on how to earn and double your points.

Step 1: Click on the About us Tab on the menu bar, and wait for the drop-down and then click rewards and then on the vendor registration link.

Step 2: Fill out the basic registration form as seen below, and verify if your store name is available, then click on Register.

Step 3: You will be taken to the Store Set up Page, once your account is successfully registered.

Step 4: You have the choice to use the Setup Wizard to help you set up the store and profile correctly or choose to do it later at your convenience.

Step 5: There are 7 steps to follow to set up the shop correctly, see the image below for an overview.

Step 6: On completion of the setup steps, Your store is ready, and you can click on the link at the bottom to learn how to use the dashboard more effectively or go straight into your store.

Step 8: Image of Dashboard

Helpful resources registration information

How to Register/sign up on the website

To register or sign up for a SATAWU Rewards profile and unlock access to all your benefits follow the simple steps below. The sign-up takes under 2 minutes to complete.

You will discover the following with this article:

  • How to register and edit your profile
  • Understanding the account page layout
  • How Rewards points work and where to see Rewards log
  • How to earn more points and what you can do with them
  • Pro Tips on how to earn and double your points.

Lets Begin:

Step 1: Click on the Account tab in the menu bar at the top of the website

Step 2: Click on the Register button

Step 3: Fill out the registration form and then click on Register.

Step 4: You will now be on the New User Page, Click on the gear icon to edit and personalize your profile.

Step 5: Add a cover picture and profile picture(optional), click on the check(tick) the save and then and then click on My Account.

Step 6: Please Note there are 2 areas of your account page, the first profile on top as seen above has your profile overview, the Dashboard profile links below as seen in the picture show you, your points, and your online shopping information.

Step 7: Understanding your Rewards membership level and points. You will see a box that includes all your membership points and rewards information.

Step 8: What is the purpose of Points and what can you do with them?

All points accumulated can be used for the following:

  • To purchase items in our SATAWU vendor marketplace
  • It can also be used to claim additional raffle tickets
  • Enter giveaways.
  • Instant gifts for milestones rewards points earned.

Step 9: Details on the Rewards points page

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the point log as well as the various ways in which you will earn points.

Please note all active members who have registered on the site are on Gold level membership, when higher tiers become available you will be notified

Step 10: What is the Referral Link? and How can it help you? The best way to share your message and communicate with other family members and comrades by simply using this UNIQUE Personal LINK that only belongs to you, we can identify when a person is referred by you.

You have the option of Email, Whastapp, Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some PRO TIPS to get more points:

  • Use all 4 options to share your message and ensure you post in your Whatsapp groups.
  • Send a personalized message letting others know about your experience with the link in the message
  • Reply to survey’s within 24 hours and get double points reward You will be notified at the beginning of the survey if double points apply.

Helpful resources

Membership application process

Checklist Requirements breakdown

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Follow any one of these simple steps to apply to become a SATAWU member 
1: Complete a new member application form on the mobile app

Click this link to watch a video on the process

2: Fill out a contact form and a customer support specialist will assist you to apply.

Click here for customer support – Customer support

3: Download, fill out and return the membership form manually. Click here to  download the form

4: Use the Facebook Rewards page to speak to Facebook customer support to help you get started.

5: Find a local office or shopsteward in your area to help you apply.

Helpful resources

Rewards Activation checklist

1: Complete RewardsTraining
– To fully understand and enjoy the benefits due to you, please complete the Rewards training provided, it is an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide that helps you discover all the features and benefits of the program.

Click on this link to complete the training guide.- Training guide Click here

2: Register on the app

– Complete benefits, features, offers, and cashback are only available for members who have downloaded and registered on the app. Once you have access to the Members VIP benefits page on the app, you will be registered.
For more information and a step-by-step video on how to register, please click on the link below for the tutorial.

Click here for App registration video tutorial.

3: Register on the Website
– Complete benefits, features, offers, and cashback are only available for members who have registered on the Website. Once you have access to the Members Area page on the website, you will be registered.

Click on this link to complete your sign up/registration on the website ( it takes a minute to complete)

4: Funeral Cover Survey
– The survey will confirm if a member or staff member qualifies for the Free funeral cover, the survey will also confirm the amount of cover that will be given to a member in a  policy.

Click here to complete the survey  -Funeral cover Survey

5: Receive Cashback and coupon pack
– All Active members who have completed the registration, training and have activated their new membership bank card will be sent cashback and discount coupons inside their Welcome Envelope with the new membership Bank card. the coupons will also be sent via email to the member once all the above steps are completed.

6: Activate Bank Membership Card
– All active members are entitled to their own Membership Bank card, the card will have personal details and be connected to their rewards and cashback transactions.
– The bank account opened has no monthly bank fees and all cashback due to a member will ONLY be paid into that account. 

7: Enter 1 Raffle Draw
– Registered members and active members who have received and activated their new bank cards will be automatically entered into monthly draws. 

8: Receive Complete Partner list
– The rewards program has over 1000 partners available to members who can either receive cashback, discounts, and special offers. The complete list is available on email to members once activation is completed. The list includes International and local vendors from Amazon to a local optometrist and discounts are from 5-15%.

9: Activate Funeral cover policy
– All active members can qualify for free funeral cover depending on the results of the survey. Cover pays out from R10 000 – R25 000 per member

10: Receive a welcome gift
– Once a member has activated their account,  they are sent a welcome gift from SATAWU rewards.

Banking Helpful resources

New Card Mobile Registration Process

These are the simple steps to follow to activate your SATAWU Rewards bank membership account and receive your card and benefits

Step 1: download the Ezaga Mobile app from the Google Playstore

Click here to download the app – CLICK HERE FOR EZAGA APP

See Picture: Google Playstore Ezaga Bank App

Step 2: Sign up for a free account

Step 3: choose the type of account you want to attach your membership card to attach ( mobile or eezi account)

Step 4: Read the Terms and conditions and accept once done

Step 5: Fill out your basic information, on the sign-up form

Step 6: VERY IMPORTANT to Choose ” Satawu JP” when confirming a Referral,


if an agent/consultant helped you register, please select OTHER and fill in the agent/consultant’s name in the space provided..

Step 7: You will receive a SMS to your mobile device confirming your activation along with your new account number.

Step 8: Transfer R50 into your new account to activate all your account and all services.

Congratulations Your account is activated and your New Bank union Mastercard is on its way to you. within 48hours via our couriers and we will make contact with you to ensure everything is covered.