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Legal Assist


Our in-house attorneys are available 24-hours a day, ready to provide telephonic legal advice and information.

Service Description

Legal Assist is a 24-hour telephonic advice line manned by qualified in-house attorneys who provide guidance on all legal matters.

Benefit to member

Unlimited general telephonic legal advice which includes:

  • criminal offences
  • labour matters
  • fines
  • debt
  • contracts
  • divorce
  • maintenance
  • motor vehicle accidents

Members have access to SATAWU REWARDS SA’s national panel of attorneys where they will enjoy the following benefits:

  • one free 30-minute consultation
  • one free letter of demand
  • one telephone call

To further assist the member, SATAWU REWARDS SA has put together useful standard documents which may be used by the member:

  • Commercial
  • Association Agreement
  • Cession of book debts
  • Deed of pledge
  • Deed of suretyship
  • Distribution agreement
  • Notice of cedent of cession of claim against debtor
  • Partnership agreement
  • Sale of business agreement
  • Sale of members’ interest and claims
  • Sale of shares and claims
  • Service agreement
  • Shareholders agreement
  • Sole agency agreement
  • Wills
  • Codicil
  • Financial glossary
  • Living Will
  • Married in community and out of community – individual/joint (major children, minor children, massing children, no children)
  • Not married (major children/minor children)
  • General
  • Acknowledgement of debt
  • Acknowledgement of debt constituting a loan agreement
  • Affidavit
  • Co-habitation agreement
  • Confidentiality undertaking
  • Contingency fee agreement
  • CV template
  • Deed of donation of movable assets
  • Power of attorney (healthcare, special, general and special for purchase of movable and immovables)
  • Small claims court kit
  • Special power of attorney to purchase immovable property
  • Matrimonial
  • Annexure A and Annexure B divorce
  • ANC (Including and excluding accrual)
  • Divorce courts
  • Divorce court proceedings
  • Divorce kit
  • Divorce proceedings
  • High court
  • Instruction – divorce
  • Maintenance kit
  • Notice of intention to defend
  • Notice of set down
  • Settlement agreement
  • Summons (CDC and HC)
  • Letter of Demand
  • Damages to motor vehicle
  • Damages to motor vehicle (vicarious liability)
  • Goods sold and delivered
  • Monies lent and advanced
  • Professional services rendered
  • Services rendered
  • Work done and material supplied
  • Employment
  • Employment contract (domestic worker, fixed term, contract)
  • Notice of disciplinary hearing
  • Termination of employment
  • Unsatisfactory performance (final written warning and written warning)
  • Sale and Purchase
  • House
  • Sectional title
  • Tri-parte agreement
  • Movable property
  • Cash sale of motor vehicle
  • Credit agreement
  • Trusts
  • Discretionary Trust

Terms and conditions

Access to the service is available to validated members only.