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Shopping Coupons

Service Description

The ultimate solution for engaging members as shoppers, is the coupon solution featuring Rand value discounts on a vast array of products available at Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper and Boxer stores nationwide.

Offering members something more, for less, coupons reward them instantly, adding tangible value to their everyday lives. Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) coupons are used in South Africa every day to offer shoppers’ rand value discounts on food, personal-care and household cleaning products.

SATAWU REWARDS SA offers a solution whereby we negotiate with desired FMCG brands, on our clients’ behalf, in order to secure relevant coupons that cater to multiple demographics across different life stages. Rand value coupons are a powerful value-added service that function to both attract and retain customers, employees or members.

Service Benefits

  • Easy and convenient access
  • Redeemable at the largest general retailer in South Africa featuring over 1800 stores nationwide
  • A network of discount coupon brands in excess of 70 leading brands offering an extensive array of products
  • A coupon listing in excess of 300 products
  • A total basket value of over R 1 500.00 across the full listing
  • Targeted discounts on day-to-day goods

Benefits to client

  • Ability to provide a benefit that offers customers, members or employees true value
  • Discounts relevant to the demographic breakdown of the base
  • Discounts to meet the needs of members at various life stages such as providing mothers with savings on essential baby products and school supplies
  • Availability as a print (paper) coupon or digitally via USSD, mobisite or online ensures that all can access conveniently and in their preferred way
  • Full integrateable into existing platforms such as online or application
  • Coupons provided via USSD and mobisite place the ability to save at the member’s fingertips with real-time messaging
  • Dedicated development team ensures any integration required is done smoothly and efficiently
  • More consumer intelligence through detailed reporting
  • Continual aggregation of data enables clients to understand their members better ensuring that through personal, targeted benefits, relationships can be sustained for longer periods