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General Rules:


-All benefits are available 24hrs after the first payment is received. An email and  sms will be sent as notification.

-Free Services are services available to all members in good standing.

-VIP services is an optional extra program that members can acquire at a charge as per the current packages form that can be found

– Monthly Rewards subscriptions must be paid via a salary deduction. Once a consent form is signed by the member and a copy has been received by the member’s company. Exceptional cases where deductions are not possible will be dealt with accordingly.

-All new members into the program will go through an induction, where all benefits and a working assessment will be explained and completed.

-The VIP SATAWU rewards program which members pay additional subscriptions for is not a contract and  can be cancelled at any time. Please note all paid benefits will stop at the end of the month in which the cancelation is received.

-All Price lock packages are based on members first rewards subscription. In the case where a members resigns from the program ,they cannot make use of the price lock from the early bird special. Prevailing rates will apply.

-The SATAWU service’s is available via Call centre,  sms number or our USSD number, for more information o how to sign up

Funeral Cover Rules:


-Funeral Cover policies have a 1 month waiting period

-Principal & Spouse minimum joining age 18, max 70,

-12 month waiting period for suicide

-All policies include repatriation

-Funeral cover underwritten by Guardrisk Life Ltd.

-For more information as to various plans



-Maximum loan value is R8000

-Loans are calculated on affordability

-Loan repayments are collected via a salary deduction only.

-Members with a bad credit history are welcome to apply.

-All loans include ER24 assist, funeral cover and other Value added services.

-For loan applications

Health Care support


-Our team of medical practitioners are there to assist members with basic health issues and help direct members to the correct institutions if required. We do not offer face to face to consultations and the our team are registered medical practitioners,  mainly from the nursing sector.

-The health care service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

-The service is available via Call centre,  sms number or our USSD number,

Education Support


-Members receive voucher codes to access recourses.

-The service is available via Call centre,  sms number or our USSD number

Shopping Discounts


– Available from 1 July 2019.



-Monthly Rewards Subscriptions can be paid via Salary deduction.

-Once off payments can be made via EFT, Debit/Credit Card, Manual card transaction via our card machine. PLEASE NOTE we do not expect cash under any circumstances. NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes RAFFLE ticket payments and any other competitions offered to members.