The complete Rewards Points Guide continued

Log In to Find out what the below Badges look like:

  • Daily login points – get points for going online to = 50 points

  • Shopping Points for purchase on the SATAWU Rewards marketplace = 300 points per product purchased.
  • Get 1000 points for every purchase over R500 on the online marketplace and orders placed through the SATAWU Rewards customer support.

  • Main Bank profile – 3000 points when you main bank with your new membership bank card.

4: What can you buy with your points?

  • Use points to discount online purchases in the marketplace store
  • Gain additional tickets into a raffle and monthly giveaways with points
  • VIP points only offers, including 50% cash discount items, Points VIP only offers from Leading global brands.
  • VIP offers club access for members with over 5000 points, including cashback and prizes.
  • R5000 worth of shopping coupons for participating members with over 500 points.
  • Complimentary ad-hoc prizes for receiving points

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5:Can I track my points?

Yes, it is very simple to track your points, just go to your account, find your Shopping and rewards dashboard or click on the button that says points information here.

Once on the Points page, you can view your Points log on the View Points log link( in red writing) on the top right of the dashboard. Just click on the link for a detailed report.

6: Pro Tips – how to get more points?

Pro tips are only sent to registered users in their welcome pack and communication sequence, if youu do not know the pro tips, click here to register and we will send you those tips.

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